Community Guidelines

Last Modified: February 6, 2024


Fireside Chat Inc. (“Fireside,” “we”, “us,” “our”) aims to create a positive environment which fosters civil intelligent discourse, shared connected experiences and genuine relationship building through the Fireside Platform (“Platform”) in order to drive social impact. To protect the integrity of the Platform, creators and the audience, and maintain the highest standard in terms of how we operate, we expect all of our Users to know and follow these Community Guidelines. Defined terms in these Community Guidelines have the same meaning as the Terms of Service.

Fireside Guiding Principles

Share Quality Content

We are obsessed with sharing quality content with our audience and in helping our content creators develop the same. For us, quality content is developed with a specific purpose and/or intent, has depth, and is polished. We strive to create an environment which encourages productive engagement among content creators and audience members to increase understanding for all. Our Platform is not intended to be used for the primary purpose of soliciting business or business development for personal or financial benefit. We believe excessive promotion or solicitation would detract from the quality of the content on this Platform.

Be Truthful, Accurate and Accountable

We strive for truth and accuracy but are transparent when information cannot be corroborated. We aim to admit and correct any errors in our content and hold ourselves accountable. We are subject matter experts in our areas of focus and refrain from making statements of fact on issues we are not qualified to speak on (e.g., giving medical advice/opinions without holding proper qualifications and/or education).

Increase Understanding and Be Empathetic

We build meaningful relationships with the internal and external Fireside community and engage in active listening throughout all of our interactions. We seek to increase understanding through approaching all conversations, shows and interactions from a place of empathy towards all points of view.

Be Respectful

We have the ability to respectfully disagree and engage in civil discourse with grace. We are mindful of the impact our words have on others.

Foster Inclusivity

We believe in building a community that respects everyone’s diversity - not only in terms of race, ethnicity, religion or socioeconomic status but also in terms of diversity of thought, opinions and ideas. We do not tolerate content which is divisive and aims to exclude certain groups or ideas. Content which breeds social detachment runs counter to our mission to create a positive and more inclusive world.

Prohibited Activity

Misrepresentation / Fraud

Intentionally spreading false information is not allowed. You may not make, or use any content made available through the Service to make any misleading or deceptive statements, including by omitting other pertinent facts or context, misattributing or misquoting statements made by any other user, or combining content to produce misleading or deceptive statements. Further, you may not transmit, post or otherwise use any content made available through the Service to communicate anything that reflects negatively on Fireside or any other user. Finally, claiming to represent the Fireside organization or any other organization that you are not affiliated with, as an employee, agent or other representative is prohibited.


Support, glorification or praise of terrorism, organized crime or hate groups is not allowed. Offering sexual services and selling firearms/drugs are prohibited.

Hate Speech, Bullying & Abuse

Attacks or abuse based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability or disease are prohibited.

Activity Inciting Physical, Psychological or Informational Harm

Content and discussions which lead to activity resulting in physical or psychological harm to anyone are not allowed. Content and discussions which aim to “hide” pertinent information or prevent creators or audience members from accessing valuable information is also prohibited. In addition, activities inciting self-harm or other self-destructive behavior are also not permitted.

Malicious Content/Activities

Spam, scams or other malicious content (e.g., phishing), unauthorized sharing of personal information (e.g., personal information of some unrelated third party) and suspension evasion are not permitted.

Violence & Nudity

Content containing audio descriptions and/or video about extreme or gratuitous gore or violence are not allowed. In addition, content containing audio descriptions and/or video pertaining to nudity are also not permitted.

Pre-recorded Content / Prohibited Guests

Broadcasting pre-recorded content as the sole content for your show is prohibited on Fireside. In addition, only persons who have an account on Fireside may be invited to participate as a guest on any given Fireside show. Streaming guests from third party tools (e.g., Zoom) through a single user’s stream is prohibited.


Misrepresentation / Fraud

In addition to adhering to the Fireside Guiding Principles & Values set forth above, Fireside will periodically issue guidelines and rules to creators as we develop the Fireside community. Any activity in direct violation of these guidelines and/or rules is prohibited.As a member of the Fireside community, each of us has a responsibility to uphold and enforce the values set forth above. We expect all of our sers to know, follow, and enforce these Community Guidelines and failure to do so can result in your removal from the Platform and potentially result in the termination of your relationship with Fireside.If you find something that violates our principles, please report it to us and a member of our team will review and respond.