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Supercharge your business with your Superfans

Powered by the industry’s first interactive streaming technology

Build new revenue streams

Engage your audience with unique interactive experiences leveraging a production studio in the palm of your hand

Participatory entertainment

Unlock global audience participation from any device and connect with your underserved audience from the comfort of your couch

Deepen fan relationships without requiring scale to get to profitability

Own 100% of your audience and IP to grow all your product lines of business


30-60 min via Fireside can result in over $40K+ in recurring revenue generated


Only 4-5 touchpoints a month with your community as short as 10 mins


With less than 10K members at a low price point can generate $2M+ in a year

Take your fandom to the next level by launching your interactive fan network on Fireside

Highlighted examples

Dr. Ramani Network

Dr. Ramani Durvasula, New York Times bestselling author and the world's #1 expert on narcissistic relationships, is launching a new interactive, transformative network on navigating narcissism and toxic relationships.

The Brother's Network

Actors, bourbon makers, entrepreneurs, and best friends Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley are taking bonding time to the next level by launching The Brother's Network, the first interactive fan network focused around creating your own unique path in life — with dashes of bourbon tastings, acting, and attempts at witty banter mixed in.

The Steve Harvey Network

Steve Harvey, the seven-time Emmy winner, New York Times #1 bestselling author and host of the #1 syndicated morning radio show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, is revolutionizing personal development with the launch of The Steve Harvey Network.

The Black Swan Network

Negotiate the life you want. Former lead FBI hostage negotiator and best-selling author of Never Split the Difference Chris Voss and his company, The Black Swan Group, have created the first-ever interactive business negotiation platform.

The Tyler Henry Collective

• The Collective Membership Site will allow me to interact LIVE with you all one-to-one in so many new ways.
• Virtual group readings every month! – Just like my live shows, I will interact with members and bring you up on the virtual stage for a reading!

Fashionista Network

“The Fashionista Network” is all about how to make it in fashion and includes opportunities for members to interact live with major industry figures, have face time with Fashionista editors, go behind the scenes of the fashion world, and get personalized career advice and insider tips and tricks from top designers, brand founders, stylists, and more.

SFS Network

Serial entrepreneurs and husband & wife team Greg McBeth and Falon Fatemi are bringing together leaders with expertise across life, love, and business, in order to discuss and learn what it takes to find success across all three.

Matchbox Twenty Network

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall backstage with your favorite band? Go behind the music and get intimate access to Matchbox Twenty like you have never before. The Matchbox Twenty Network is the first-of-its-kind interactive fan community directly connecting with Rob, Kyle, & Paul with live behind the music meet and greets and behind the scenes events.

IVTV Network

Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, the six-time New York Times #1 bestselling author, is redefining what it means to “do the work” with the launch of The Iyanla Vanzant Network. Hosted by the famed inspirational speaker and life coach, this groundbreaking network will provide the first-ever interactive personal development network to grow and heal – together.

MCC Network

The MCC Network is the first-ever interactive company-building network for entrepreneurs and industry titans to share advice and win at business together. MCC Network members include founders from Mark Cuban’s portfolio of over 200 companies and you will have the opportunity to speak directly with founders, industry leaders, and athletes through interactive conversations hosted by the Mark Cuban Companies team and the community.

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